Sunday, January 06, 2008

The actions of the "Machine progressives" speak volumes

Just a quick sanity check (in case it isn't obvious to the world) regarding the growing controversy about the Latin School soccer field deal:

43rd Ward Alderman Vi Daley and her chief of staff, Chuck Eastwood, claim they knew nothing about the agreement between Park District officials and Latin School (signed in December, 2006). The development is in Vi Daley's ward. Chuck Eastwood sits on the Lincoln Park Advisory Council, a group that should have been in the loop. Logically speaking, they should be outraged by this sleight of hand. Yet, although they momentarily expressed a kind of belated surprise, they have expressed no outrage at all.

This is prima facie evidence that they knew all about the deal beforehand. What else would explain their quiet acceptance of the deal?

And now it's blowing up in their faces.

There's nothing democratic about sleazy backroom deals. Yet Chuck wants us to vote for him to be our "democratic" ward committeeman next month. How will you vote?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Latin School debacle suggests that Mr. Eastwood is either incompetent or corrupt (but probably not both). There is no other reasonable explanation and none has been offered.

11:17 AM  

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