Sunday, January 21, 2007

Lincoln Park bridge tender lives on West Side

Preservation Chicago was just on WBEZ. The organization's president, Jonathan Fine, lists our Lake Shore Drive pedestrian bridge as on their 7 most endangered list for 2007. It's interesting that most of us in Lincoln Park have to depend on my old friend Jonathan -- who lives way over in Ukrainian Village -- to inform us about what's happening right in our backyards. Preservation Chicago's mention is the first most of us in Lincoln Park have heard about this. We need an alderman who will communicate these things to us.

Suffice to say, Jonathan, that as alderman of the 43rd Ward, I will tolerate only restoration of this historic bridge. I'm sure neighbors agree. We could use better pedestrian access to the lakefront. That is hampered not by this beautiful bridge, but rather by the fact that Lake Shore Drive has been turned into an superhighway. I'll give the Campaign for a Free and Clear Lakefront ample airtime on that subject when I take the podium.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Anonymous Poll Watcher said...

An excerpt from Tim Egan's book, "DOWN TICK" (2001, Writers Club Press, ISBN 0-595-18472-3):

"Enter Johnny Braman, a 53-year-old cokehead who couldn't walk past baby powder without cutting it into a nasal passage consumable line. At one time he had enough cash to retire, but a funny thing happens when a savings account is snorted into nonexistence. For all intense purposes, Braman was washed-up, but for T.D.'s purpose Braman still thumbed through his Rolodex over some big time investors. The powder had eaten away any potential for him to lead his clients to a big-time score and more than anyone, Braman knew it best. Like a drowning splasher inhaling the last gasp of air, Braman was an easy ally and a quick volunteer to jump into T.D.'s romp."

And from the rear cover of Tim's opus: "DOWN TICK is a factional read that revolves around a high pressured sales is a must read from the 'player' to the workplace investor who follows an IRA investment."

Available at Amazon. Peter Z. ain't the only published author in this race!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you can't manage to transmit your campaign disclosure forms as required by law by 1/31, how can anyone really expect your to run an effective Ward office? You're nothing but hype.

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Blogger Peter Zelchenko said...

Ahh, it's Mr. Anonymous again. Sorry, I don't have to send in a disclosure this time.

10:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yet another lie. All candidates must send in their disclosures by the 31st. What makes you different? I suspect that you haven't raised any funds and don't want people to see you or your campaign for what they are.

7:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya think?

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Anonymous Another Peter said...

As a side note, the only way Egan's writing sample given here would merit anything more than a C+ in a Junior High School is if Egan bribed the teacher.

It is pathetic, cruel and demeaning to see Egan's henchies picking on poor Pete. Say what you, Pete is a Lincoln Park Original, and one of the people who make this a great city. If this is any indication of the sort of conscienceless and sadistic leadership we can expect from Egan, it is a compelling argument to vote for Zelchenko, just to send the message that one disapprove of that sort of bare-knuckled bullyism. In other words, Egan-ites, you are behaving like immature frat boys.

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Anonymous baffled voter said...

Egan's website now displays a CPD Sergeant's badge. Does this mean that the CPD has endorsed him? Is it even legal to use the official City of Chicago seal in this manner?

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Tom Bowen said...


I'm very disappointed at how little activity you've had on the blog. It's come to the point that we're not even checking anymore!

I think you're slacking a bit on your netroots outreach.



3:07 PM  
Anonymous CutlassCiera said...

As a side note, the only way Egan's writing sample given here would merit anything more than a D- in a third grade class is if Egan bribed the teacher. 'For all intense purposes', he earned just that.

If there is any way to distinguish a good candidate from a bad one, it is the ability to write a coherent sentence. Zelchenko, at least, can do that. Egan is nothing more than a spoiled, rich moron who is attempting to buy (or fight) his way into a public office. Either way, he does not deserve anything short of ridicule.

As another side note, it is complete idiocy for Egan's mercenaries to be posting "elect egan" on this page at 1:54 in the morning.

2:50 PM  
Blogger Peter Zelchenko said...

You know, CutlassCiera, I've come to know Tim pretty well and I can say you're off target. Tim is not spoiled in the least and he is quite intelligent. In fact, I'd have to say that he is my friend now, so if you would, please tone down what you say about him.

In fact, I have gotten to know all of the candidates quite well and I am not concerned about their personalities or their intellects, only their positions on things.

I have to say it makes me uncomfortable to hear people slurring others on petty things like this. There are real issues to discuss, and as you can see I don't have any bones about getting tough with people on the issues.

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