Friday, October 30, 2009

Are they trick-or-treating?

After all the talk with the new 18th District Cmdr. Angarone and pronouncements that he's put more units here; after heartfelt discussions with Sgt. Wu and Lt. Egan about being punched in the head by an angry drunk; after having pumpkins thrown through the window one year, feet kicking windows in the next, and scores of urinators every year, it's Halloween eve again -- there are at this moment somewhere around 2,000 revelers on this 2200 block of Lincoln Avenue, inside and outside the bars -- and there is not one single, solitary police officer here. Ahh, here's the first pisser now, right outside the window.

I called the 18th District station -- 312-742-5870 -- and spoke to the watch commander, Lt. Sarletto, who said she would "check the cameras right now and look into it."

Later: Halloween night, and the situation is even worse. There are, by my count, approximately 600 people loitering in the street, screaming, vomiting, etc. They are walking into the alley creating a river of urine on the window, just near my son's bed. I stepped out and walked to the end of the block. Again, there is not one single, solitary police officer here. I called Sarletto again just now (11:50 p.m.): sat on hold for five minutes, am told I should probably call back later.

I would like a barricade on this alley on nights like these -- just like Wally Reid has, behind me -- but I certainly can't afford to buy an alley from my alderman like he did, and I don't want to block my neighbors from access to the alley, like he did. What can I do?

I would like a security person on this alley, just like the bars have security people at the door. But they would never want to pay for something like that.

I would like limits on the amount served at these bars, and the number of people they let into the bars, just like the law reads. After all, the fact that hundreds of people are screaming at the top of their lungs in unison is an indication that they are quite drunk. The fact that they are vomiting all over the streets is an indication that they are drunk. That should be enough for some bouncers and bartenders. But apparently it isn't.