Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Beware the mechanical Dawn Clark Netsch

Dawn Clark Netsch is full of beans.

I just got a dystopian robocall from her saying that Vi Daley "listens to the community, because she knows your voice counts." That is such utter nonsense.

The reason I and everyone else is running is that Vi Daley doesn't listen to the community. What Dawn is saying is essentially a bald-faced lie. I had the greatest honor and respect for Dawn Clark Netsch until 10 minutes ago.

I was there when Dawn Clark Netsch got her start in politics. I was with her at her first campaign office on Eugenie. I licked stamps for her, carried signs for her. She was an idealist then. Dawn is not really here anymore, not really thinking about what the ward or the city really needs. She just called to bail out an old pal, Vi Daley.

I was there when Marty Oberman got his start in politics. Marty is no longer really here, either. He just wants a puppet in office, and he's had to stretch her grotesquely and unbelievably to make her appear to be a true people person, sensitive to any other issues besides development, because she is nothing more than a tool for Marty's development agenda.

I ran into Dawn last summer in Streeterville and asked if she would consider supporting me. I didn't really expect her to say yes right away, but I didn't expect her to shill for Vi Daley.

Who else is shilling for Vi Daley? Beryl Clemens, for the senior citizens. Alan Mellis and the rest of the cabal, for homeowners. Who's shilling for Michele Smith? Marty Oberman. They're all fakes. These people they are crafting are as robotic as the recordings you are listening to.