Friday, June 13, 2008

Cops in 18th need new school supplies for area kids

From Alds. Brendan Reilly and Vi Daley: 18th District Police will be accepting donations of new school supplies from July through September 5. Collection boxes will be located in the 18th District Near North Station located at 1160 North Larrabee.

Let's not forget the kids in the Cabrini-Green area whose parents' lives are often so troubled that they can forget or can't afford something as simple as pencil, notebooks, and backpacks that the good cops of the 18th District will help them out on that. I've heard some compelling rumors lately about racism and protection rackets among certain 18th District cops, but I also know many genuinely wonderful cops in our district. Take the time to get to know these people.

Oriental 33 Masonic Lodge (formerly located at the Cathedral) also collects funds to buy these same kids Christmas presents every year. It's never too early to be generous. Contact me for details.


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